During the development of KOBRA paint we have taken in consideration the main factors of Quality:

the first is represented by a technical concept:




High covering power = product with high solid contained in order to guarantee total coverage on any kind of surface with the possibility to paint in any way!

Immediate adherence = no risk of dripping even under extreme weather conditions!

High compatibility = thanks to his 100% acrylic formulation, KOBRA® cans are compatible with any kind of surface and with different kind of varnish present on the market. This to put no-limit to the artist activity!

Fast drying = KOBRA® paint has a thixotropic formula allowing super-fast dry time!

Special soft valve = thanks to its special valve, the artist has the total control during spraying even when maximum precision is required

Colour reference = KOBRA® cans have 100% guarantees of colors reference. The second important aspect is the total respect for the environment. KOBRA cans have been developed with every possible care given to the environment by:

• using propellants that do not damage the ozone layer

• using products during packaging and finishing process -cardboard boxes, plastic caps, cans- which are totally recyclable

• studying high performance products with low V.O.C. contents.